Best Bed Bug Practices for First Responders and Government Agencies

Prevention is the best weapon against bed bugs. There are also proactive measures police, fire, and EMS personnel can use for prevention. When responding to emergencies, be aware that bed bugs could crawl into bags and equipment. Place victims with recognizable bed bug issues inside tyvek suits or duffel bags before transporting them. Use garbage bags to seal up items (whether it’s clothing or baggage) when having to transport people’s personal items. Recognize that when one bed bug is sighted, there are likely more.

Other best practices include:

  • Education: Personnel need to know the basics about bed bugs and how to identify these insects and their signs.
  • Develop Protocols: Departments should have precautionary and proactive measures to prevent the introduction and spread of bed bugs. It should include what actions are to be taken when bed bugs are suspected and signs are found.
  • Canine Inspections: Schedule canine inspections on a regular basis, and use them to investigate suspected bed bug infestations. Trained bed bug detection canines are the most accurate tool available for detecting these well-concealed insects. These insects are notoriously hard to find because they can hide in tiny cracks, don’t need to feed more than once a week, and can live a year without feeding.

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