Tick Control


'Ticked Off'
After a Long & Cold Winter? Don't Worry, We Can Help.

Ticks are small parasitic arachnids that can pack quite a punch. They are vectors for diseases including Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, Rocky mountain spotted fever and Alpha gal syndrome. Alpha- gal is a sugar molecule carried by the saliva of a lone star tick that can have significant
consequences for it’s host. In some people, this sugar can trigger severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and hives. There is currently no cure for alpha-gal syndrome and avoidance of red meat such as pork, beef and lamb be necessary as there is no cure for this syndrome. Do not let your next barbeque become your last!

Tips and tricks to minimize risk:

  • Cutting Lawn on a Regular Basis
  • Removing Uneccessary Brush and Vegetation
  • Installing Swingsets and Recreational Equipment in the middle of your yard away from Trees
  • Avoid Accumulation of Unnecessary Debris


Our treatment consists of fogging the lawn and surrounding areas including weeds, shrubs, low
hanging tree branches, retaining walls and railroad ties. Once applied, the product “locks in” after 10 minutes of an application and stays effective for up to six-weeks despite precipitation.
Gladiator Pest Control services on an a-la-carte basis however we recommend applications every six weeks to maintain control throughout the year in order to minimize risk to you and your family. All of our products are EPA regulated and safe for the consumer.